What Is Silica?

Silica Supplement Information

Over the past decade, Silica has become the subject of numerous studies and research. Researchers have found that Silica is a vital mineral that plays an important role

in our everyday life. In fact, without silica, humans would not be able to function properly.

So what does silica do and why is it so important?

Silica In The Body

Silica Health Benefits

Silica helps maintain collagen levels in all connective tissues in our body, including cartilage and tendons. Essentially, silica helps keep our joints flexible and our tendons strong.

Silica also helps deliver nutrients to the joints, bones, teeth, and nails to keep them strong and healthy.

Silica Helps Mineral Absorption

Silica helps regulate one of the most problematic minerals in our body: calcium. While calcium is a much-needed mineral it can also cause numerous problems.

Excess calcium builds up in our bloodstream and eventually gets transported to soft tissues in the body like the joints and artery walls. This is partly how arthritis starts to develop and if calcium is not removed joint inflammation and pain will only get worse.

Detoxing With Silica

Silica also detoxes the body from heavy metals, especially aluminum. Toxic aluminum levels affect more people than any other heavy metal because it is found in so many things. Humans are exposed to aluminum every day, which can lead to a toxic buildup fast.

Aluminum has also be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, although it is not 100% certain that aluminum toxicity is the main cause. However, since a link has been found, many medical professionals indicate silica could be one of the best possible ways to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Silica Supplements

There are a variety of ways for humans to consume silica. Silica is found in unprocessed foods, although the modern human diet does not allow humans to consume enough. Due to this, humans must seek alternative methods to obtain silica in the form of silica supplements.

Silica supplements can come in a variety of forms although the safest and most effective silica supplement comes in the form of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is composed of prehistoric algae that once filled the oceans and seas. As these algae died their exoskeletons settled on the bottom of the ocean floor and formed deposits now known as diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Supplement


Diatomaceous earth contains about 85% silica, which means only a small amount needs to be taken per day. Most humans only need to take about one tablespoon per day to adequately fulfill the necessary daily requirement for silica.

However, humans are urged to start with a smaller dose and allow the body to get used to diatomaceous earth, because it is very absorbent and thus can cause thirst.

Diatomaceous earth is the purest form of silica and is completely safe for humans to take provided

they buy the food grade form. Food grade DE is the only safe form of DE for humans so humans looking for DE as a silica supplement should carefully inspect the packaging before buying.

SilaLive Silica can do wonders for the body and is an important mineral. Without it the human body does not operate efficiently. Make sure you’re fulfilling your daily requirement of silica and ensure your health is a top priority.