Treat Chronic Fatigue with Diatomaceous Earth

The way that diatomaceous works to help treat chronic fatigue is by removing toxic buildups from the body. Buildups of toxins in the body such as heavy metals, pesticides, prescription drug residues, and chemicals from the environment are some of the most common causes of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue can also be caused by internal parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus.

Since diatomaceous earth is made up of the broken remains of fossilized diatom shells, it is helpful for getting rid of toxins and buildups. The shards of the opaline shells have the ability to kill internal parasites, attract toxins with an electrical charge, and scrub away buildups of unwanted gunk in the body. Rather than covering up the underlying issue of chronic fatigue with energy enhancing substances such as caffeine pills, energy drinks, and highly caffeinated espresso shots, you should use a diatomaceous earth supplement to treat fatigue since it is safer and more effective in treating the root cause of chronic fatigue.