Treat Bloating & Reduce Flatulence

Bloating is a common symptom of an unhealthy digestive system. It can be caused by excess heavy metals, bacteria, pesticide residues, fungi, yeast infections, Candida, viruses, protozoa, endotoxins, worms, or parasites in the digestive system. Often times, people discover that they are suffering from a combination of all the above.

Diatomaceous earth works great to get rid of all sorts of problems that begin in the digestive system. It can help treat bloating and reduce flatulence. Because of the razor sharp characteristics of diatomaceous earth, it has the ability to get rid of parasites, bacteria, fungi, toxins, yeast, and viruses that reside in the digestive tract that cause flatulence and bloating. Diatomaceous earth also carries an electrical charge that attracts other types of toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, chemical residues, and more to completely detox the entire digestive system.