Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Humans?

Diatomaceous Earth Uses and Benefits

Diatomaceous Earth is one of earth’s most valued minerals as it has many different uses and also provides numerous health benefits. Contrary to popular belief, diatomaceous earth is not simply just dirt.

It is actually a specific type of mineral deposit that is primarily found in dried-up lake beds, rivers, and other bodies

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from the fossilized remains of microscopic diatom shells. Diatoms are a type of single-celled algae that have a honeycomb-like cell wall structure which is mostly made up of amorphous silica. Once the diatoms die, the shells of the algae sink to the bottom of the water and accumulate over millions of years.


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other water debris sinks to the bottom, the weight of the top layer crushes the diatom shells into tiny, jagged remains. The sharp nature of the tubular diatom shells is what makes diatomaceous earth such a valued mineral.

Historical Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth has been used in many applications for quite

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some time. Because of its honeycomb structure, it makes a great filtering agent for beer, water, and pool filters. It is also makes a great abrasive material as it is used in polishes to scrub tarnished brass and silver.

In the past, diatomaceous earth powder was also used in toothpastes to scrub the plaque off teeth. However, modern day research says that using harsh abrasives like diatomaceous earth causes the tooth enamel to wear down more easily.

Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control

For awhile now, diatomaceous earth powder has been used as a natural pesticide to kill insects that would otherwise destroy crops and gardens. Insects have a waxy outer layer called an exoskeleton that protects their bodies from losing moisture. However, these exoskeletons are not impermeable.

When the insects come into contact with the microscopic shards of shells, their exoskeletons and

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areas get sliced up by the jagged edges of the diatom shells. This causes the insects to lose their natural moisture and eventually die of dehydration.

Diatomaceous earth powder is also a great product for pest control in the home. It can kill fleas, ticks, bedbugs, mites, spiders, and roaches It is also safe enough to be directly applied on pets to get rid of fleas, ticks, and mites.

While it is safe for humans and animals to handle and ingest, it is important to know that the inhalation of diatomaceous earth can cause lung damage because of the jaggedness of the shells.

Diatomaceous Earth for Internal Cleansing

Cleansing the body of parasites, toxins, and intestinal plaque build-ups

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is one of the first steps to regaining health and building a stronger body. Food grade diatomaceous earth is a great product for internal parasite control for both animals and humans.

Just like it works as an external pest control in the home and garden, it works exactly the same on internal parasites when ingested in the body. It is effective against a wide variety of internal parasites including heart worms, round worms, tape worms, whip worms, lung worms, pinworms, hook worms, and many others. Getting rid of parasites in the body should help alleviate health problems such as weight gain, bloating, constipation, excessive hunger, allergies, chronic fatigue, and so much more.

Food grade diatomaceous earth powder can even help remove plaque build-ups of toxins and parasite mucous from the intestinal walls in order to help the body improve its absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

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