Increase Bone Density and Bone Strength

Research has found that silica may be the most important mineral required by the body in order to produce collagen for the bones, increase bone density, and increase bone strength. Silica is found in the cellular walls of single celled algae that have been fossilized and formed into diatomaceous earth deposits. Studies have confirmed that silica may be the missing link that explains why people that have high intakes of calcium are still suffering from bone problems.

For many years, doctors have been under the presumption that people who have low bone density problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis have a calcium deficiency. This may be true, however it must be noted that the deficiency may be in the transportation and placement of calcium rather than a deficiency in the intake of calcium.

Silica has a unique molecular make up that allows it to penetrate into the bones while increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the body. Calcium, on the other hand, will not penetrate into the areas where it is needed the most without being attached to another mineral that does have the ability to penetrate those areas.

In fact, the calcium that does not get absorbed into the bones and skin will be stored in random areas of the body such as the joints and organs. Calcium buildups are just one of the main causes of joint pain and bone spurs.