Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth, the first and only product on the market with both Organic Silica and DE. We will continue to update this FAQ from time to time, so make sure to come back to our site from time to time to get the latest information about SilaLive Silica with enhanced Diatomaceous Earth.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?


Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a clay-like powder found in various areas around the world. Diatomaceous Earth is composed of diatoms, a specific type of hard-shelled fossilized algae. Diatoms once served as a primary food source for marine life. As these diatoms died, their exoskeletons fell to the bottom of the seas and became fossilized. Eventually large deposits of the fossilized rock formed into what we now know as diatomaceous earth.

What Is Fossil Shell Flour?


Fossil shell flour is essentially another name for diatomaceous earth. If you see a product labeled as fossil shell flour it food grade diatomaceous earth. However, instead of being called diatomaceous earth, it simply is labeled as fossil shell flour.

What Is Diatomaceous Feel And Look Like?


Diatomaceous is a very fine powder and is very light due to its’ high porosity. DE contains between 80-90% silica, 2-4% alumina, and 0.5-2% iron oxide. The remaining percentage is mostly trace minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Food grade diatomaceous earth, the only form safe for human use is a white powder, while other forms of diatomaceous earth may have a brown/reddish tint.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth Used For?


Diatomaceous earth has many uses. In food processing, diatomaceous earth is used as a filtering agent to remove impurities from a variety of foods and drinks such as beer and soda.

Diatomaceous earth is also quite frequently used as an insecticide and pest repellant in home gardens and on large-scale farms. Diatomaceous earth actually has sharp edges, which look like shards of glass under a microscope. These sharp edges scratch the exoskeletons of insects, which cause insects to lose fluids and die. Diatomaceous earth also has the ability to absorb fluids rapidly, which means insects either have to flee the area or die very quickly.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used in the same manner as a pest repellant on animals. A simple coating an animal’s fur is more than enough to kill ant existing pests and prevent future pests from affecting the animal.

What Is The Difference Between Food Grade DE And Pool Grade DE?


Food grade diatomaceous earth is the purest form of diatomaceous earth and can be consumed and used by humans. Food grade diatomaceous earth is heavily regulated and must contain less than a certain amount of specific minerals.

Pool grade DE is calcinated and is a stronger, more potent form of DE. It is not to be used by humans and pool grade DE must be handled with gloves and a mask to ensure no throat irritations occur.

How Can Humans Use Diatomaceous Earth Supplements?


Diatomaceous earth supplements can be taken by humans for a variety of reasons. Many diatomaceous earth users use DE as a cleansing/detox supplement. Diatomaceous earth has the ability to flush the body of toxins and purges other parasites and heavy metals out of the body. This allows the body to operate much more efficiently, which improves overall health.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth?


Here some other noted benefits of diatomaceous earth, separated by category:

Bone health: Prevention of osteoporosis, prevention of osteoarthritis, improved collagen synthesis in bones, improved teeth and nail strength, improved bone strength, improved bone density, and improved absorption of calcium.

Cardiovascular health: improved artery strength, improved circulation, improved heart strength, removal of plague in arteries and veins, increased production of health artery tissue, and lower blood pressure.

Skin health: reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, enhanced collagen production, removal of free radicals, and improved elasticity of skin.

Digestive health: faster, more efficient digestion, purification of digestive tract, improved kidney function, removal of heavy metals from stomach, improved colon health, improved liver function, faster absorption of nutrients.

Other Benefits: weight loss, Alzheimer’s prevention, enhanced brain function, enhanced immune system function, plus many more.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?


Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe for humans to handle and for humans to consume. If you are using diatomaceous earth on a pet or in a garden, it might be a good idea to use a mask and gloves. This is because diatomaceous earth absorbs moisture very efficiently and long-term contact with diatomaceous earth can cause the hands and throat to dry out.

However, there are no side effects or known health effects of diatomaceous earth when used as a supplement. In fact, there have been no health reports of any adverse effects from diatomaceous earth users.

The FDA also lists diatomaceous earth as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). While it is only given this status in food processing, the fact that it is in this category still affirms the belief of leading health experts that diatomaceous earth is safe and okay for humans to consume.

Pool grade DE definitely requires a mask and gloves because it is more potent and will dry your hands out faster. If you fail to wear a mask, you may experience an irritation in your throat, so keep this in mind when dealing with pool grade diatomaceous earth.

Will Diatomaceous Earth Interfere With Any Medications?


Diatomaceous earth is a mineral not a chemical, which means it is unlikely to interfere with any medications you may be taken. In fact, it may be able to enhance the effectiveness of medications you are currently taking.

To be safe, if you are taking a prescription medication, consider speaking to your doctor or primary care physician. While it is incredibly unlikely that diatomaceous earth with interfere with your medication, you can get the peace of mind knowing you are safe by talking to your doctor beforehand.

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