Diatomaceous Earth for Organic Gardeners

Gardening With Diatomaceous Earth

Many of us are concerned about the overuse of insecticides to protect our food supply. Poisonous chemicals used to deter insects and other pests can be absorbed into the plants and vegetables we use as food and that is very concerning. For a safe, nontoxic, organic way to control slugs, snails and insects, try using Diatomaceous Earth in your garden.

Use Diatomaceous Earth For Pest Control

Composed of fossilized shells of ancient, microscopic sea creatures, Diatomaceous Earth is all natural and organic. It has long been used in various products for human use and is harmless to humans and other warm blooded mammals. However, it is fatal to anything with an exoskeleton and to soft-bodied, mucus-coated pests like snails and slugs.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural desiccant. Sprinkled on the ground around your plants, or on the plants themselves, it will deter snails and slugs. If they do choose to crawl across it, it will dehydrate them, quickly killing them. Completely nontoxic, it is a far safer alternative to chemical repellents.

Diatomaceous Earth With Silica Insect Control

Diatomaceous earth works differently on insects. The fossilized shells are made up of silica. As they build up over time, increasing weight crushes the shells. Eventually, what it becomes is basically microscopic, crushed glass. It becomes very sharp and abrasive. In fact, diatomaceous earth is used in various polishes for its abrasive nature. As an insect crawls across it, the sharp edges slice at the exoskeleton. They also work their way into exposed joints. All of this eventually leads to the insect’s death.

Another benefit to using diatomaceous earth is that you don’t have to worry that you might accidentally ingest something harmful or dangerous. It easily rinses off your produce, but even if you eat something directly out of your garden you don’t have to worry. Since it is a safe, nontoxic desiccant, it is often used in grain storage. It is very possible that each time you eat something grain based you’re also eating minute amounts of diatomaceous earth without even knowing it and with no ill effects. So any residual amounts that may be left on your plants or vegetables won’t hurt you.

Diatomaceous Earth With Silica Is Safe Around Children And Pets

Another benefit to diatomaceous earth is that you don’t need to worry about children that may be working along with you in the garden. It’s also harmless to pets. So as your family is working together, growing your own food, there’s no need to worry that the little ones may accidentally get into some poisonous chemicals. And as for the pets, diatomaceous earth can also be used as a supplement in their food to help control internal parasites. So there’s also no worry about them getting into something poisonous.

For pest control in your organic garden, diatomaceous earth is definitely the way to go.