Use Diatomaceous Earth as a Natural Arthritis Treatment

Natural Arthritis Treatment

Diatomaceous earth has been discovered to be a natural arthritis treatment as it has had many positive results from people that have used the mineral. Several testimonials have been submitted that confirm that diatomaceous earth is a proven natural arthritis treatment that doesn’t involve any kind of harmful prescription drugs or pain medications.

Healing Arthritis Naturally

The healing effect that diatomaceous earth has on arthritis is due to the silica that naturally occurs in diatomaceous earth. Silica has been touted as being a major building block in life. It has existed in all living things since the very beginning of life on earth and has been a major influence of each living thing’s health, strength, survival, and evolution.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth

Living silica is found in live diatoms that exist in freshwater and saltwater. Fossilized silica is obtained from the microscopic remains of fossilized single-celled microalgae, which is primarily found in areas that used to be covered in water.

Both living diatoms and fossilized diatoms have an abundance of silica in their cellular walls. The difference between freshwater diatoms and saltwater diatoms is that freshwater diatoms are being manufactured as a food-grade substance that is safe to consume, while saltwater diatoms are being manufactured for utilization in non-food industries.

Diatomaceous earth can help treat arthritis naturally by reducing inflammation in the joints, increasing the production of collagen to lubricate joints, and rejuvenating the elasticity of tissues to restore the natural flexibility in the joints.