Diatomaceous Earth Detox

Diatomaceous Earth for Detoxification

With all of the health problems in the world today, many people are finally starting to recognize the health benefits of diatomaceous earth. Though skeptics may refer to it as “dirt”, it is far more complex to just be called dirt.

Diatomaceous earth is actually comprised

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of fossilized microscopic sea algae that have hard, tubular, honeycomb-like shells. These shells are usually found in a crushed, powdery form in places where bodies of freshwater once used to exist.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Cleanse

Diatomaceous earth is a great mineral that is becoming more widely used for total body detoxification and colon-cleansing purposes. In fact, diatomaceous earth powder is one of the only natural ways to cleanse the body internally. The

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way that diatomaceous works is the honeycomb-like structure of microscopic diatomaceous earth particles attract and trap toxins such as bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful free radicals in the body.

Not only does it cleanse the colon and detoxify the body, but it helps maintain a healthy digestive tract to reduce the risk of colon diseases such as cancer.

The most important thing to be aware of when considering diatomaceous earth as an internal cleansing agent is that there are two types of diatomaceous earth – food grade and non-food grade.

Food Grade vs Non-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth is mainly comprised of amorphous silica, which makes it completely safe to use on a regular basis. It is so safe that many people are unaware that the FDA has approved its uses as a food additive, anti-caking agent, and grain storage additive. Non-food grade diatomaceous earth is made up of crystalline silica, which has been known to cause silicosis and internal damage when ingested or inhaled.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Colon Cleanse

When considering diatomaceous earth as a colon cleanser or detoxifier, one must be aware of the problems that come with getting rid of all the bad stuff in the body. If the body experiences a detoxification too quickly, the body’s metabolism will not be able to re-balance as quickly and can cause what is known as a “healing crisis”.

During this healing crisis, one may experience various discomforts and inflammation in the body while the immune system is reawakening to fight off toxins and chronic infections that have previously gone unaddressed with a weak immune system. This is a completely normal process that should not be mistaken for other health issues during detoxification.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Dosage

To avoid detoxing the body too quickly, it is recommended to take just one teaspoon per day in the morning on an empty stomach. After the body gets rid of the majority of toxins, the dosage can slowly be increased to a full tablespoon until the detoxification process is complete.

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