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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is been proven to have many uses in humans such as detoxing, weight loss, and overall internal cleanser. Find out what Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade can do for you today!

What is Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

Consumers all around the world are in no short supply of nutritional supplements. What thfey may have not yet discovered are food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) in the form of supplements. This is a natural substance formed over millions of years from a special type of algae. DE can be taken from either fresh or salt water sources. But for the purest, human grade material you’ll want to only use fresh water sourced DE. In addition, this material should be processed in a way that purifies it. If you do some investigating, you’ll find DE to have many healthy effects on your body.


Some people may have concerns about safety considering DE is called “earth” for a reason. You can find diatomaceous earth used in hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. But that just reflects the unique properties that lend this fine powdery substance to so many uses. So as a supplement, you only want food grade as mentioned above. Beyond that, the only precaution is to avoid breathing the DE dust. This is a general caution that extends to humans and anything else such as pets, etc.

The very fine particles should be kept out of the lungs due to its abrasive quality. On the other hand you need to consider how much is inhaled. If you’re taking a spoonful and mixing it with juice, then this will generally not produce much airborne matter, if any. But just so you are aware, the dust can cause irritation to the nose, throat, and lungs.

The other possible concern is experiencing constipation and studies have revealed no other side effects at this time. The primary cause of constipation result from poor hydration while on a regimen of DE. What’s interesting and should be remembered is low levels of hydration can contribute to constipation. And that can happen even if the person is not taking DE supplements.

As with any supplement you take, it’s wise to choose those made from a reputable source. The supplement industry, in general, is not tightly regulated. Oversight can seem to be minimal with intervention occurring if there are a large number of negative reports. You’ll need to be diligent about what you buy and where the DE supplement is made.

There are many benefits possible with Diatomaceous Earth supplements. One of the most far reaching concerns the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown over the years that DE (food grade) can help reduce a high cholesterol condition. The primary ingredient of DE is silica which is a mineral. And it’s this property that make DE so powerful for health reasons.

Medicine and nutritional research has shown that increased age brings on a variety of nutrition related conditions. Elderly citizens will experience issues with mineral absorption such as with phosphorus and calcium. Well, the silica in DE is terrific for helping the body to absorb these minerals. There are also early indications that silica may play a critical role for those with osteoporosis.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Human Grade Benefits

If you are just new to Diatomaceous Earth, you may be surprised to know it contains an abundance of health benefits. But is this really, earth material? Yes, it actually is but it’s not like regular, old dirt. DE, for short, comes from the ground because it is a fossil of ancient algae. And for that reason that gives it the amazing properties that are good for your body. Purified DE makes it food grade and therefore human grade designations. An entire book can be written about the many benefits available, but for now let’s just focus on a few.

Let’s talk about the mineral qualities found in Diatomaceous Earth. Some lesser known publications have discussed how much the agricultural earth has been depleted of important minerals. You can get a better understanding about poor health when you add in highly refined foods. Food grade DE taken in supplement form gives your body a host of beneficial, natural minerals. For example, it contains iron, magnesium, silica, and calcium.

In addition to natural minerals, some of the healthy benefits are stronger bones, teeth, hair, and nails. DE also gives you protection from various infections due to fungal over-growth. And these benefits extend to both humans and other mammals such as your pet dog or cat. But the benefits do not stop there because ongoing research has discovered much more.


DE helps boost the immune system through a variety of processes. It’s best to consume a safe and healthy amount of fluids, in general. If you take food grade DE, then stay hydrated and just mix it with water or juice. Good amounts of fluids in your body help disperse DE throughout your digestive tract. This is important because it has an absorptive effect on toxins in your gut. But that’s really just the beginning because the silica (in DE) enters your bloodstream.

Private studies on the effects of DE in the blood have shown that it offers protection from certain viruses and bacteria. It’s quite possible that it uses the same mechanisms as it does with external, agricultural applications. DE is know to interfere with microscopic organisms, such as bacteria. But the important point here is it helps reduce the body’s population of unhealthy organisms.

There have been thousands of news articles about how important a clean colon is to health. So it’s no surprise at all that Diatomaceous Earth works very well to keep your lower GI tract and colon clean. The real culprit in your GI tract and colon is the build-up of undigested waste. This entire process creates a toxic environment conducive to unhealthy bacteria, as well. DE has a marked ability to detoxify your colon and lower GI tract.

Bear in mind that DE has an abrasive property because it’s actually ground algae shells. The granules are extremely fine, measured in microns, and this is a natural way it scrubs your GI tract and colon.

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